Assault II: Enmity & Armor part 2: Armored Offense

Assault II: Enmity and Armor part 1: Commencement of Enmity

Randall is working for ATLAS Labs and David has been left behind. Magic Man tries to help, but he’s not sure what to do. A mysterious trio also shows up to have Randall work for the government. Who are Fathom, Onslaught and Diehard? What is their mission? And what is David going to do about Randall?

Written, directed and produced by Timm Gillick.

Part 2 – Armored Offense
File size: 16.2 MB
Running time: 17:44


Randall Parks/Assault – Timm “The Jester” Gillick
David Doranan/Armor – Scott Swisher
Magic Man – Bob Jump
Sgt. Solomon – Ty Konzak
Corrine Piscus/Fathom – Laura Post
Richard Dorjan/Onlsaught – Bill Hollweg
Jack Osborne/Diehard – Jerry Shipman
Dr. Warner – Steve Anderson
Jake/Jenna Warner/Silver – Emilie Gillick
Roju – Mashayla Van Acker
Secretary – Emilie Gillick
Stephens – Eric Flores
Kyle von Behren/Baron Wolff – Shane Crandall