AUDITIONS: Dragonwolf in The Blackwolf Samurai, a Circus-13 Original

DW#1-cover-NEW CIRCUS-13 PRESENTS Dragonwolf in The Blackwolf Samurai, a new original story by Timm Gillick.

Akira Blackwolf works as a troubleshooter in New York City. As a half Mohawk Indian, half Japanese super hero, he incorporates martial arts, samurai teachings and Native American shaman magick to solve his cases. In “The Blackwolf Samurai,” Akira is hired by James Grant, a Vietnam vet looking for his kidnapped daughter, but Grant is not on the level.

Recording and Contact information –

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  • SOUND QUALITY IS A FACTOR! If you send me files with a lot of puffs and pops and background noise, you’ll get rejected out of hand. A low steady computer fan noise is fine, I can deal with that.
  • Deadline is SEPTEMBER 30, 2016!

Anyway, on with the roles!



Name: Akira Blackwolf, aka Dragonwolf
Age: mid-20’s to mid-30’s
Bio: half Mohawk Indian, half Japanese “troubleshooter” in New York City. He uses Native American shaman magick with a samurai’s training, even though he’s still learning both. He works with a Japanese dragon as a familiar as his first case is to find a missing girl.
Audition line 1: With them running here, I bet this is a secret Zaxin base. We’ll have to get Bloo here.
Audition line 2: Are you sure she’s been kidnapped, or has she maybe just run away?
Audition line 3: (reading) We’ve got your daughter, Jimmy. We want the money in two weeks or she turns up in the morgue.(beat) Why is there no amount? It just says, “the money”?

Name: James Grant
Age: Late 60’s to early 70’s
Bio: Vietnam vet who has a missing daughter. He’s shady, dishonest, and lies to try to get what he wants.
Audition line 1: No, no, no. She’s been kidnapped. I’ve got the ransom note right here.
Audition line 2: You can come by my place in an hour. I’ll have it ready for you.
Audition line 3: Oh yes, of course.(beat) In here is a picture of Jennifer taken two days after her fifteenth birthday, and her fingerprints.

Name: Sgt. O’Donnell
Age: Late 30’s to late 40’s
Bio: Middle aged police detective who occasionally assists Akira on some of his more normal investigations.
Audition line 1: Ah, the Blackwolf bounty hunter. What can I do for you today?
Audition line 2: What’s your interest in this? Last I heard, you didn’t go chasing after fifteen year old girls, kidnapped or not.
Audition line 3: Says here that James Grant filed a missing persons report for his daughter. Nothing about a kidnapping.

Name: David Blackwolf (aka Shaman)
Age: Mid 60’s to late 80’s
Bio: Akira’s grandfather, and Michael’s father. He is an old Mohawk medicine man, practicing shaman magick, and teaching it to Akira. Very down to earth, practical to a fault, and no nonsense.
Audition line 1: Watch how you use the magick though, boy. You are still somewhat new to it, and not as practiced as you should be.
Audition line 2: Don’t rely too much on that little beast. I know he loves you and all that, but remember that you are using Mohawk magick with a Japanese familiar… be careful how you conduct your magick.

Name: Michael Blackwolf
Age: Late 40’s to late 60’s.
Bio: Akira’s dad, a full-blooded Mohawk Indian who looks and acts a lot younger than he is. He is late 60’s but could easily pass for late 40’s. Works as a construction worker in NY.
Audition line 1: Stay away from James Grant, Akira. He is not an honest man.
Audition line 2: While we were in Vietnam, he was an okay soldier. He followed orders well enough to be recruited by the CIA to help export Vietnam’s new commodity–COCAINE.

Name: David Black (aka Turmoil)
Age: Late 20’s to mid-40’s
Bio: Baddest of the bad. David Black has his fingers in anything he thinks will make him money, including assassinations, kidnapping, strongarm work, whatever. Not a lot of morals hinder his actions.
Audition line 1: I had been saving up my energy for Dragonwolf, but I am glad I did. I can talk to him.
Audition line 2: Gotta get outta here! Can’t forget my special package!
Audition line 3: I’m telling you, I had it through that whole fight with that Zaxin. It was in my hand when I passed out!

Name: Erik Thorson aka Savage Young
Age: mid 20’s to late 30’s
Bio: One of Akira’s buddies in the Vikings Gang. Savage Young has abilities to track electronic signals like phone calls, as well as summon a “fantomas axe” which is essentially an axe made of energy in our dimension, but exists as a solid object in the parallel “Fantomas/Phantomas” dimension.
Audition line 1: Something about the Zaxin. He’ll explain when he gets here.
Audition line 2: This is a chance to help our friend. Let’s listen to what he has to say before passing judgment.
Audition line 3: So tell us about this client…¬†You know David Black is no kidnapper, not for ransom of some low-level executive anyway.

Name: Joshua Wade aka Fury
Age: late 20’s to mid 40’s
Bio: Another member of the Vikings Gang, Fury joined once Akira left. Fury has anger issues, but manages to focus them into a “berserker mode” to increase his strength, endurance, and fighting ability.
Audition line 1: So we keep them off his back while he does what, Erik?
Audition line 2: I hate Chicago.(long pause) *Sigh* Fine. I’ll go. But we get our normal fee.
Audition line 3: But Turmoil didn’t think he was getting paid enough.

Name: Alex Laughlin aka Hellstar
Age: late 20’s to late 30’s
Bio: Alex has been working at a gay Irish bar as the doorman ever since he broke up a fight three years ago, and started dating the bartender. He spends most of his time hanging out there and with the Vikings Gang. He loves dagen (Akira’s dragon familiar) and hates to see anything happen to him. He joined the Vikings originally to keep another gang away from him, as they were the only ones who accepted him for who he was (a human who was genetically altered before he was born, a “genalt”).
Audition line 1: Aww, I think the little feller’s cute.
Audition line 2: How are the Zaxin involved?
Audition line 3: I got the bad guy! Is that the bad guy? I hope that’s the bad guy.

Name: Deetro Jaspe aka Gaijin
Age: late 20’s to early 40’s
Bio: Good friend of Hellstar, Gaijin is a black man who was raised in Japan as a samurai. While never 100% accepted there, he feels more at home in Japan than New York, which is why he joined the Vikings, much like Alex, they are open and accpeting, even Fury with his anger issues.
Audition line 1: Chicago? Man, I ain’t been there in ages.
Audition line 2: This is cool, I’ve never been in an actual safehouse before.
Audition line 3: At least now I won’t get in trouble for stealing the bike.

Name: Derek Bloo
Age: early 40’s up
Bio: a secret agent (which agency is a plot point), who is also looking for Turmoil and Jennifer Grant. He has powers, but hides them (shhh, don’t tell the characters). He is manipulative and controlling, but at base level, what he does is for the greater good, even if it doesn’t seem like it.
Audition line 1: I wasn’t told you traveled with a ‘posse’ so to speak, Mr. Blackwolf.
Audition line 2: My name is Derek Bloo, and you are interfering with a government operation.
Audition line 3: (furious) What we do is no business of yours, Mr. Blackwolf. Or your friends. Stay out of this operation or you could end up in serious trouble, legally or lethally.

Name: Reesa
Age: Early 20’s to late 30’s.
Bio: a Zaxin assassin. The Zaxin are a female clan of ninja type thieves and assassins. Reesa has a personal feud with Turmoil and will do what she can to get to him.
Audition line 1: My name is Reesa, I am of the Zaxin Warrior Clan. I have come to kill David Black.
Audition line 2: Make no mistake, Dragonwolf. We WILL meet again.
Audition line 3: Your slow death just became a full-time job for me.

Name: Zaxin
Age: any
Bio: female assassin who tried to kill Akira and fails. She technically only has the one line, but I need some noises of being in pain and being struck by a couple arrows to fill out the scene. The last line is for audition purposes, and might be used in the scene.
Audition line 1: Screw you!
Audition line 2: (grunting, groaing in pain)
Audition line 3: (various grunts when hit by a couple of arrows) Uuuuugh! Aaarrgh! (make up your own).
Audition line 4: (to yourself) Heh heh heh I got you.

Name: Dhamaki
Age: ???
Bio: Dhamaki is a higher up in the Zaxin clan. She is Hindu (her name means “menace”) and was a subject of the 1970’s genetic riots in Delhi. Prisoners were being used as test subjects for genetic altering to gain super-human abilities when the science was still iffy. Dhamaki was one of the altered people (“genalt”) and managed to escape with her new abilities. She joined the Zaxin and rose in its ranks over the past 30 years.
Audition line 1: The name is Dhamaki. It means… MENACE!
Audition line 2: Fool! You cannot strike me in Phantomas! I am not entirely on the physical plane!
Audition line 3: Give it up, little dragon. You can’t hold out forever, just look at your “little dragon.” He he he he he.

Name: dagen
Age: any, but preferably young
Bio: dagen is Akira’s Japanese dragon familiar. He doesn’t have an accent, but speaks broken English.
Audition line 1: hssss! not like him, ‘kira! not like turmoil at all.
Audition line 2: yes, must find girl. what she look like?
Audition line 3: she was here, ‘kira. she here two hours ago in canvas sack.

Name: Limo driver
Age: any
Bio: a limo driver for Derek Bloo picking up Akira at O’Hare airport. Kind of nervous and intimidated by Akira and the Vikings Gang approaching him or her.
Audition line 1: I-I-I wasn’t told there’d be more than just you.
Audition line 2: Yes, sir.

Remember the deadline is SEPTEMBER 30th. Send your lines to with the subject “Audition: Dragonwolf – [role] [your name]”

Thanks again!