AUDITIONS: Jonah Hex: Shadows part 2: “Gathering Shadows

Jonah Hex: Shadows West part 2CIRCUS-13 PRESENTS Jonah Hex in Shadows West, part 2: Gathering Shadows, written by Joe R. Lansdale, adapted for radio by Timm Gillick.

A couple parts still open, generally some small parts with only a couple lines each, but very important roles.

Recording and Contact information –

  • Record in 44100hz 16-bit Stereo MP3 or wav is fine.
  • Save the lines as “charactername_yourname_linenumber.mp3” (ex: Wolverine_Jester_01.mp3)
  • Please put multiple files in a ZIP or RAR file and label it as “”
  • Send your auditions to
  • SOUND QUALITY IS A FACTOR! If you send me files with a lot of puffs and pops and background noise, you’ll get rejected out of hand. A low steady computer fan noise is fine, I can deal with that.
  • Deadline is FEBRUARY 2!

Anyway, on with the roles!



Name: Libby’s Husband
Age: mid-20’s to mid-40’s
Bio: henpecked husband to the rough and tough shooting sensation Libby Ann in the wild west show. Nervous, ignores his wife’s indiscretions because he couldn’t do anything about them.
Audition line 1: Scares YOU? You ought to LIVE with her!
Audition line 2: (nervous) I said, “Let’s get that BEAR!”
Audition line 3: Nope.

Name: Stable Man
Age: mid-30’s to early 50’s
Bio: Generic western stableman in a wild west show, not too bright, Western/Southern accent
Audition line 1: Oh no! We have a show in just a little time! You can’t go out!

Name: Rousty 1, Rousty 2, Rousty 3
Age: Any
Bio: A roustabout (or “rousty”) was a physical laborer in a circus or traveling show. They put up the tents, moved the cages, unloaded the wagons, all the grunt work. These three (one line each) are typical rousties, not too bright, and not too motivated.
Audition line for ROUSTY 1: Where you goin’ with the camp poke?
Audition line for ROUSTY 2: That bear TOO?
Audition line for ROUSTY 3: You can’t do that, Spotted Hand!


Name: Squaw
Age: mid-20’s to early 40’s
Bio: Native American woman who was traveling with a Wild West show for… *ahem* “entertainment” for the guys. She has a baby by the Bear Spirit and has now left with Jonah to go back to her people.
Audition line 1: Yes. I teach bear child.
Audition line 2: Here, Hex. Take. Hold him.
Audition line 3: I am. (pause) With my HUSBAND. (pause) A spirit.

Remember the deadline is FEBRUARY 2nd. Send your lines to