AUDITIONS: X-men episode 5: Blowback!

The Uncanny X-men 5: BlowbackCIRCUS-13 PRESENTS THE UNCANNY X-MEN, episode 5: Blowback, written by John Byrne, plot by Jim Lee, adapted for radio by Timm Gillick.

A bunch of guys still open of characters this time around, some small parts with only a couple lines each, some that are big for the next 3-4 episodes and one recurring character being recast.

Recording and Contact information –

-Record in 44100hz 16-bit Stereo MP3 or wav is fine.
-Save the lines as “charactername_yourname_linenumber.mp3” (ex: Wolverine_Jester_01.mp3)
-Please put multiple files in a ZIP or RAR file and label it as “”
-Send your auditions to
-SOUND QUALITY IS A FACTOR! If you send me files with a lot of puffs and pops and background noise, you’ll get rejected out of hand. A low steady computer fan noise is fine, I can deal with that.

Anyway, on with the roles!



Name: Beast (aka Hank McCoy)
Age: mid-30’s to late 40’s
Bio: Blue-furred highly agile (mentally as well as physically) co-founding member of the X-men. Think Kelsey Grammar in the X-men movies and you are halfway there.
Audition line 1: Threats are of infinitely diminished consequence, when there is no true authority to back them up. I suspect you’d agree with that, GAMBIT?
Audition line 2: A most ASTUTE observation! Undoubtedly you graduated top of your class at Badguy Academy.

Name: Cyborg 1
Age: any
Bio: cyborg who kidnaps a couple of the X-men, tough guy but not that tough
Audition line 1: Pathetic, Beast. You’re not as ELOQUENT as I’d been told. Now SHUT UP and behave or…

Name: Cyborg 2
Age: any
Bio: cyborg who kidnaps a couple of the X-men, tough guy but not that tough
Audition line 1: They’re busting loose! No time for SUBTLETY.
Audition line 2: Too late, mutant! Did you really think we’d be taken alive?!

Name: Cyborg 3
Age: any
Bio: cyborg who kidnaps a couple of the X-men, tough guy but not that tough
Audition line 1: Blow the witch out of the air!

Name: Driver 2
Age: early 20’s and up
Audition line 1: Hey! What in…?

Name: Thug 1
Age: early 20’s and up
Bio: typical street thug type. Rough and gruff, and annoyed.
Audition line 1: A teleporter! Is there ALWAYS a teleporter?

Name: Dr. Cornelius
Age: early 40’s and up
Bio: the doctor who helped experiment on Omega Red, Sabretooth, Maverick and Wolverine (among others). He’s working with Matsuo and Fenris. Not a good guy.
Audition line 1: HM! Seventeen hours, fifty three minutes and… An odd number of seconds. I suppose you’re not really interested in the precise readout?
Audition line 2: Hmmm… Maybe we SHOULD disengage. I don’t want to see Wolverine killed before…

Name: Maverick
Age: early 30’s and up
Bio: Another of Wolverine’s old partners from his team as Weapon X. He’s working to help Wolverine now against Omega Red. Maybe a slight German accent (not necessary, very subtle if you can do it).
Audition line 1: Obs-Link One to Central. Confirm target. They have LOGAN, Major. No sign of CREED.
Audition line 2: Maverick to Central. This is going SOUR fast, major. Logan doesn’t know what the hell’s happening to him! I’m gonna REMIX this little party a bit! (beat) Starting now!

Remember the deadline is JUNE 30th. Send your lines to