Circus-13 Presents: On Edge, a sci-fi thriller in the style of Twilight Zone

The Confederate of Man scout ship Vengeance explores the fringes of known space and comes across something they thought long destroyed. Space can be a dangerous place.

Written by Alan Spencer, post production and voice directions by Alan Spencer.



Circus-13 Presents: On Edge

File Size: 12.8 MB
Running Time: 11:30


Narrator – Maestro Morte McAdaver

Flt Officer Bill Devens – Alan Spencer

Computer – Sarah Spencer

Capt Steele – Timm Gillick

Jenny Jenkins – Kim Gianopoulos

Nadine Shee – Emilie Gillick

Krakens – David Sobkowiak


“Circus-13 Presents theme” – Timm “The Jester” Gillick
“Deep Blue” – (Creative Commons License)
“Instinct” – (Creative Commons License)