Circus-13 Presents: Forecast

Circus-13 Presents Forecast

Brendan Brooks is a weatherman. When someone mysteriously appears in his dressing room to kill him with a laser gun due to something he hasn’t done yet, he wants to know why!

FORECAST was written and directed by Mike Murphy. Post production by Timm Gillick.

Circus-13 Presents: Forecast
File size: 18.9mb
Running time:26:30


Kelly – Eleiece Krawiec
Larry Mahoney – Peter Katt
Brendan Brooks – H Keith Lyons
Raymond – Joe Stofko
Narrator – Eleiece Krawiec
Sanchez – H Keith Lyons
Lt. Harrelson – Paul Lavelle
Sgt. Hastings – Victor Gates
Rosa – Nae Marie
Carter – Mike Murphy
Milo – Russell Gold
Mr. Turner – Joe Stofko


Theme, bumpers and outro- Timm “The Jester” Gillick
Epic Unease – Kevin MacLeod (
Grave Blow – Kevin MacLeod (
Faceoff – Kevin MacLeod (
Longing and Concern – Kevin MacLeod (
Road to Hell – Kevin MacLeod (