Circus-13 Presents: “May I Help You?”

Circus-13 Presents May I Help You

Meet Russ Harper. He works at Burger Barn. While working the drive-thru one day, he hears a voice through the headset that doesn’t belong to the person in the car trying to place an order. Who is this mysterious voice on the other end and how can he help her? Find out in Mike Murphy’s “May I Help You?”

“May I Help You?” was written and directed by Mike Murphy. Post production by Timm Gillick.

Circus-13 Presents May I Help You?
File size: 46.1mb
Running time: 28:47


{in order of appearance)
Timm Gillick as the Customer
H. Keith Lyons as Mr. Caruthers
Michael Liebmann as Russ Harper
Katie Dehnart as Amanda Wellington
Dave MacIver as Sean
Cindy Swanson as the Narrator
Diane Havens as Mom
Katie Dehnart as the Old Woman
Emilie Gillick as Anna
Chris Barnes as Cop #1
Lyn Cullen as Cop #2
Bryan Session as Frank Hagman
Joe Stofko as Rocco
Darren Marlar as Stevie


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