Circus-13 Presents Star Wars: Jedi Bounty part 1: Fallen

Star Wars: Jedi Bounty part 1: FallenA long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away… the Old Republic was crumbling. Senator Palpatine has yet to make his rise to power as Emperor, and the Clone Wars are looming in the near future. In this time, a young Jedi Padawan, Jin Liu, becomes terrified of the prophetic visions brought on by his training in the ways of the Force, and leaves the Jedi Academy. He travels as far from the capital planet of Coruscant–and the Clone Wars–as he can, finding himself on the Hutt controlled planet of Derra.

Doja the Hutt is building a power base to keep the criminal organization Black Sun off Derra. He accepts Jin Liu’s offer to be a spice runner, but pairs him with L9-X7, a droid bounty hunter. Their speed in capturing their first bounty kept Doja from honoring Jin Liu’s contract as a spice smuggler and turned him to bounty hunting. While back on Coruscant, Jin Liu decides he wants to return to smuggling…

Written by Timm Gillick, post production and voice directions by Timm Gillick, based on characters and situations created by George Lucas.


Circus-13 Presents: Star Wars: Jedi Bounty 01: Fallen

File Size: 29.17 MB
Running Time: 20:20


Mark Kalita as L9-X7
Asher Gillick as Thuli Bendo
Timm “The Jester” Gillick as Jin Liu and Doja the Hutt
Emilie Gillick as Myri Halcor
Dan Gillick as Darth Vader
Roland Batrouni as Doda Taka, and the Droid Guard
Alan Spencer as Imperial Commander Jace
Jim Sprague as the opening Narrator

Selections from the Star Wars soundtrack – John Williams