Circus-13 Presents: The Spirit of the Blackwolf

Circus-13 Presents The Spirit of the Blackwolf

Khabrin goes to a party brandishing a set of nasty scars on his face that he got while he and his father Colin were visiting his Grandfather. He tells his friend Barry the story behind the scars; a tale of an old Native American evil that returns every 25 years to “recruit” young men. The evil Spirit of the Blackwolf.

SPIRIT OF THE BLACKWOLF was originally written for the screen by Timm Gillick. It was re-written for radio by Timm Gillick, as well as produced and directed.

Spirit of the Blackwolf
Running time: 19:08
File size: 35 MB


Khabrin – Shaun Bennett
Colin – Timm Gillick
Barry – Cosmo from
Mary – Koshiba from
Joan – Emilie Gillick
Grandpa – Timm Gillick
Girl – Koshiba from
Kid #1 – Timm Gillick
Kid #2 – Koshiba from