Coming Soon from Circus-13 Productions

Upcoming original and fan-based shows coming soon from Circus-13 Productions!

Life has happened in a big way the past couple years, and so there haven’t been a lot of updates recently, but I have been able to get a couple of fan-based and original scripts written and are in the process of being recorded and produced. Some I am more excited about than others, and some have been in the works for quite awhile, but here is the current rundown:

Star Wars: Jedi Bounty – my first ever fan fiction that takes place between episodes III and IV of the movies, much like the upcoming Rogue One movie from Disney. Starring Timm Gillick, Mark Kalita, and Emilie Gillick.

Big Trouble in Little China – based on the movie by John Carpenter. Jack Burton, a trucker visiting a friend in San Francisco Chinatown, falls into a diabolical plot by an ancient cursed warrior to steal a girl with green eyes. Starring Mark Kalita, Timm Gillick, Emilie Gillick, Angie Gin, Dan Gillick, and Asher Gillick.

Dragonwolf – son of a Japanese samurai woman and a Mohawk Indian, he uses his skills and talents as a troubleshooter in New York, with the help of a little dragon familiar.

Rage – WOLFF operative who gains super abilities that he doesn’t want.