Introducing Mr. Halloween, the ghost notorious

MrHalloween2Introducing Mr. Halloween

Mr. Halloween, the ghost notorious, is a creation of Timm “The Jester” Gillick. He was conceived late at night after seeing multiple vampire stories where the vampires were always the heroes and werewolves were always animalistic bad guys. So Timm decided to change that.

The original concept wasn’t a comic book character, but more of just a supernatural one. The Chronicles of Galen Sword by Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens was a major influence on Mr. Halloween. The darker aspects of the character spoke volumes to something that could be included in a comic book.


Eventually some symbols needed to be made for the character, and this time Matt Wagner’s Grendel was a major influence. The white “eyes” on Grendel’s mask stand alone as a symbol of the character, and that was something Timm was interested in applying to a character, and Mr. Halloween was the recipient of that level of symbology.

Other horror aspects were included until Galen of Rain Clan Savage, aka Mr. Halloween, the ghost notorious was created.

Circus-13 plans on having a three-part story, based on the first story Timm wrote of Mr. Halloween, and is casting now for various roles.

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