Iron Man episode 1: The Heart of the Matter

Iron Man 01: The Heart of the Matter

When billionaire inventor Tony Stark’s life starts to spin out of control, and he loses touch with who he really is… He needs a fresh start. In a suit of armor that saves his life. Circus-13 proudly presents The Invincible Iron Man, written by Scott Lobdell, adapted for radio by Timm Gillick, produced and directed by Dave Sobkowiak.

Episode one: The Heart of the Matter
file size: 43.7 MB
running time: 31:50


Tony Stark/Iron Man – Jerry Scullion
Jasper Sitwell – Paul Mannering
Happy Hogan – Dave Sobkowiak
Braydon – Jason Kendall
Bruce Banner – Jason Tureman
Computer – Emilie (Leadley) Gillick
Doc Samson – Dave Sobkowiak
Girl at party – Kitty Pryde
Hulk – Shock Dingo
HYDRA Henchmen – Shock Dingo and Mr Xevoz
Liz Ross – Laura Post
Viper – Vanessa Hart
Newscaster – Kitty Pryde
Party-goer – Emilie (Leadley) Gillick
Pepper Potts – Kitty Pryde
Pilot – David “Whitey” Sweet
Rebel – Kevin McDonald
Reporters – Shock Dingo, Emilie (Leadley) Gillick, Timm “The Jester” Gillick
Techies – Emilie (Leadley) Gillick, Shock Dingo
Narrator – Ken Eaken