Iron Man episode 2: Hulk Smash!

Iron Man 02: Hulk Smash!

Tony Stark finds his Buffalo Complex destroyed and a huge green hulk of a monster there. In his suit of armor, he’s pretty close to invincible, but can it withstand the awesome might of the gamma-powered HULK? Circus-13 proudly presents The Invincible Iron Man, written by Scott Lobdell, adapted for radio, produced and directed by Timm Gillick.

Episode two: Hulk SMASH!
file size: 18.0 MB
running time:13:02


Tony Stark/Iron Man – Jerry Scullion
Jasper Sitwell – Paul Mannering
Suit Computer – Emilie Gillick
Hulk – Shock Dingo
Liz Ross – Laura Post
Laura Blecker – MJ Cogburn
Pepper Potts – Kitty Pryde
Narrator – Ken EakenMUSIC
Composed by Timm “The Jester” Gillick on Cinescore