Quest for the Passion Stone part 4: Final Game

Quest for the Passion Stone part 4: Final Game

A young man finds out one day that he is the third incarnation of a twice dead hero of a secret world called the Under-hollow. It exists alongside, and sometimes with, the “real” world.

In his first incarnation as this hero, he created the Passion Stone. In his second incarnation, he empowered it with magick. And now in his third, he must use its power to fight off a rebellion of the evil King Jerick’s attempts to overthrow the Holy Dragon-Queen Nedra.

With his mentor/guide Varick Winter, a troll, he learns about his past lives, his present dilemma and his future destiny.

Episode Four: Final Game
Running time: 40:22
File size: 46.0 MB


ALURA – Sarah Updike
ANGUS – James Patrick Updike
BABY SATYR – Timm Gillick
BOB – James Patrick Updike
MIKEY – James Patrick Updike
METALHEAD – Justin Daube
ICEBERG – Patrick “SkyRocket”
KING JERICK – Clym Angus
GALEN KINCAID – Scott Swisher
NAIDA – Autumn (Sakura Star)
QUEEN NEDRA – Chana Solomon
NEOLA – Emilie Gillick
ROCK-FOOT – Klaymen
RAT-BOY – Bob Jump
FRED – David Sweet
YOUNG MAN – Scott Swisher
GOBLIN 1 – Justin Daube
GOBLIN 2 – Shaun Bennett
HAWKER 1 – Vox Perry
HAWKER 2 – Vox Perry
PAGE – Shaun Bennett
PAGE 2 – Timm Gillick
OGRE – Emilie Gillick