Truck of the IDBHG Local 137 and the Rocket-Powered Werewolf of Carpet-bag Swamp part 1: Who’s Afraid of Louisiana Wolf?

Truck & the Rocket-Powered Werewolf of Carpetbag Swamp

Truck, an inter-dimensional bounty hunter, is called in to Carlton, Louisiana to investigate a strange flying object in Carpetbag Swamp. When he needs a little help, he calls in his partner Big Daddy Fred. As they dig deeper into the underside of Carlton, they get a little more than they expected.
written by Paul Mannering.
directed and post-produced by Timm “The Jester” Gillick.

Part one: Who’s Afraid of Louisiana Wolf?
File size: 28.4 MB
Running time: 15:33


Truck – Mike Ivey
Big Daddy Fred – Brent Blakey
Eric – David Sweet
Earl – Shaun Bennett
Sheriff Bush – John Songer
Suzy the Sheriff’s receptionist – Jamie Henry
Candi the ATLAS Labs receptionist – Vanessa Ludden
Denver Keyton of ATLAS Labs – Kevin McDonald
Voice on the phone – Timm “The Jester” Gillick
Wendi the waitress – Shelby Cooper


Theme song – Timm “The Jester” Gillick