X-men: Days of Future, Past! part 2

The Uncanny X-Men in Days of Future, Past! part 2

Kate Pryde’s plan to return to her past worked, but the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants are still trying to kill Senator Kelly. Meanwhile, in Kate’s own time, the X-men are trying to stop the Sentinels from invading Canada. If the X-men can’t stop them, France will, by starting a nuclear war! Will the X-men stop the Brotherhood from assassinating Senator Kelly? And will the future X-men stop the Sentinels? Find out in part two of two. Days of Future, Past!

X-men: Days of Future, Past! part 2 of 2
Duration: 33:12
file size: 60.8 MB
written by Chris Claremont and John Byrne
adapted for radio by Timm Gillick


Angel – Garrett Slevin
Avalanche – Kevin MacDonald
Blob – Timm Gillick
Cameraman #1 – Steve Anderson
Cameraman #2 – Kathryn Peets
Colonel – Steve Anderson
Colossus – Shock Dingo
Destiny – Joan Hall Hovey
Franklin Richards – Shaun Bennett
Guard #1 – Shaun Bennett
Kitty/Kate Pryde – Kathryn Peets
Moira MacTaggert – Kathryn Peets
Mystique – Emilie (Leadley) Gillick
Narrator – Ken Eaken
Nightcrawler – David Ault
Magneto – Peter Oldaug
Pyro – Jason Tureman
Rachel – Amby Leigh
Rogue Leader – Shaun Bennett
Senator Kelly – Steve Anderson
Senator #1 – Saint Kevin
Senator #2 – Timm Gillick
Sentinel Alpha 3 – Jason Tureman
Sentinels – Shaun Bennett, Timm Gillick, Shock Dingo
Storm – Scarlotte
Wolverine – Timm Gillick
Xavier – Mark Kalita